Combine Harvester ~ UGears Mechanical Models

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Part Number:UGM-136
Bring in the crops with this working Combine Harvester!
The Ugears Original Combine Harvester model is a top-notch example of the wonders of mechanics. Just like a Ugears Tractor, the Combine is set in motion by its rubber-band motor.
Roll it backwards to power the motor up, release the handbrake, and watch it head for the fields with its spinning wheels and rotating cutter board just like a real harvester.
A hidden storage compartment in the back gives you a place to keep your heirloom seeds for next season, or could be used for sending love notes to your favorite farmer.
Complete your set : Tractor; Trailer; UGM-11 Truck; UGM-11 Truck Additions.
Ugears combine starts with a simple movement or spinning of the large back wheel. On the other side of the cabin there is a lever that can lock or run the harvester. Harvester works on rubber engine.

Number of components: 154 
Estimated time of assembly: 2-3 hours

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