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UGears introduces its next model in the line of luxury mechanical vehicle models, The Dream Cabriolet VM-05. This miniature replica of iconic 1950s blissful convertible cars invites you on a journey to the era of puddle skirts, Rock’n’Roll and pivotal changes in the automotive industry.

The Dream Cabriolet VM-05 features traditional for all UGears mechanical models recognizable design and a signature rubber-band mechanism that provides for model’s self-motion.  Exquisite detailing of exterior and beautiful and realistic design of the Cabriolet are complimenting the vehicle’s fully-functioning V-8 configuration engine that provides for the model’s forward and reverse movement. To take a look inside, set the vehicle on “idle” mode and enjoy the magic or working drives and gears.

In addition to self-motion the Cabriolet’s features smooth movement that is ensured by traditional for 1950s vehicles front wheel springs and rear leaf springs.

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