Linkages for 4 Learners Timbertech Mechanical Wooden Model Kit

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The Timbertech Linkages for 4 Learners is a complete set of Timberkits parts for individual design and experimentation. Contains components for 4 children to design and build their own object to bring to life. A wonderful educational workshop kit that includes parts for 4 learner sets.

  • Beginner
  • Easy to follow step by step Instructions
  • Self Assembly Kit
  • Everything you need to make the kit is included

About Timberkits

Timberkits are a great way to explore the magic of movement by creating characters, creatures and contraptions with different themes and ability levels.

We have a passion for wood and our design challenge has always been how to use a natural organic material in an engineering context and give it life and animation.

Building a Timberkit is very absorbing and satisfying. They are unique products that will charm and fascinate you and draw you into the rich world of mechanics.

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For ages 5 and up.

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