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The UGears Steampunk Clock could become your best tabletop companion regardless of whether you are a fan of steam-powered mechanisms aesthetics or not.

Like many other mechanical models by UGears, the Steampunk Clock features an open design that is one of the signature elements of these wooden 3D puzzles. An open exterior with an original 90-degree angle coupling allows everyone to enjoy the fascinating movement of gears and levers long after the enjoyable assembly process is over. The Steampunk Clock

This set is made of 100%-natural high-grade plywood that is pleasant to the touch and fills the room with pleasant wooden scent as soon as you open the box. All the parts come pre-cut, which only requires a gentle push out of their wooden frames. No extra tools or materials are needed for the assembly, so you can put the glue aside and enjoy making your own fully-functioning clock simply by putting the pieces together and clicking them in like a jigsaw puzzle.

How Ugears Steampunk Clock Works

The Steampunk Clock set doesn’t look complicated at first, but there are many little touches that add even more charm to this beautiful model.  One of those interesting details that have been added by the UGears engineers is the unsynchronized clock hands that move independently from each other. floral designs, the Sun, stars, and the Moon.

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