Tractor`s Trailer ~ UGears Mechanical Models

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Part Number:UGM-143
Every self-respecting tractor needs a trailer.
Hook your Ugears Tractor with its very own trusty pull-along Ugears Trailer to make an ultimate farming team and head for the fields. Complete with pitchfork, shovel, and a bucket with a broom for a clean-up, it’ll serve every busy farmer’s need.
The trailer’s side gate opens with a push of a lever for quick loading and unloading, and a crank in the front tilts the bed for easy dumping.
Trailer can also be teamed up with Ugears Combine Harvester.

Complete Your Set: Tractor; Combine Harvester; UGM-11 Truck; UGM-11 Truck Additions

Number of parts: 68 
Estimated time of assembly: 1-2 hours

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