Trimaran Merihobus Sailboat ~ UGears Mechanical Models

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UGears Trimaran Merihobus invites you to leave your peaceful harbor and ride the tide for an adventure of a lifetime! This exquisitely detailed model is designed based on the prototype of a classic yacht and features traditional sailing vessel’s details, such as bulkheads, frames, and beams. The exposed, “skeleton”-like design of the Trimaran allows for an excellent view of the boat’s internal working mechanisms and the specifics of the design. The exposed engineering elements such as winches, rigging, and hulls make Merihobus a very realistic, miniature copy of an actual sailing vessel. To make the Trimaran Merihobus sailing yacht even closer to real life, we added several templates to create your boat’s own customized flag. One finishing touch in the design of the Trimaran is a carved tiny seahorse in the bow of the boat. This aquatic cutie, also known by the name of “Merihobus”, gave the boat her name.

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