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A new UGears Tugboat set is ready to become a very promising and beautiful addition to your collection, not only because it is a rare nautical set, but also because when in motion it perfectly mimics that of a real tugboat bravely making its way through the rolling waves. But wait, there is more! The boat moves with a sound that is very similar to the sound that real diesel-powered engines make, adding realistic features to this wonderful cuddly-looking wooden model.

In addition, the mechanical principle behind this model is on display, like in many other mechanical UGears sets, as the sides of the boat reveal the gears and the motor mechanism. The Tugboat set is also equipped with traction ropes that will allow your boat to pull a small paper ship, for example.

Complete Your Set:

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How UGears Tugboat Works

A self-propelled rubber band motor is the key element of all popular mechanical UGears models, and so is the case with the UGears Tugboat. The two asymmetrically-aligned wheels that set the Tugboat in motion are powered by the drive wheel, while the tension is created within a rubber band motor. The boat is also equipped with start and brake levers.

The diesel-engine-like sound is produced by a pendulum, which also allows the boat to move more smoothly and gracefully for up to 10 feet.

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