WeMake Super Deluxe Soldering Station with Tools

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This multi-purpose tool offers an excellent all around solution, ideal for working on small PC boards, components, soldering, etc.  The magnifying lamp with integrated third hand is intended for illuminating work areas and it is equipped with a magnifying glass.  This devise also comes with soldering iron stand, alligator clips, soldering wire spool holder, sponge, rosin, as well as cleaning ball, to help with the soldering.  It can be powered wither by 4 "AA" batteries (not included) or an external power adapter.

3 Helping Hands with Alligator Clips
LED Magnifying Lens (LED 3X-90mm)
Soldering Iron, 25W
Soldering Iron Holder
Safety Glasses
Lead Free Solder (5' at 0.031 inch Rosin Core)

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